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Maritime Security Management and Risk Mitigation

We provide  our client maritime security consultancy services, with active security support within the hostile environment of the Niger Delta using experienced personnel having the understanding of the terrain and the risk situation at every point in time. 

This service is key to our clients in the oil and gas sector of the Nigerian economy providing a secure and safe location for operations, personnel and critical infrastructures. Integral to our management strategy is our risk mitigation plan  and evacuation plan for our clients working in a high risk environment. We gather intelligence and deploy strategic and qualitative security solution, taking into cognizance the nature of these remote locations. This is achieved by our dedicated armed security boats coupled with our good rapport with the Nigerian security agencies. Also see our PSDP, it’s a key process employed to our maritime security management and risk mitigation services.

FSSL maritime security operations includes the following but not limited to it, as our services portray flexibility within ethical confines, maritime best and approved practices to meet and exceed our clients needs.
Provision of Ships Security Officer: This is with a Field Security Vessels, with Naval Officers and crew for escort within and outside hostile waters.
Surveillance Teams: With our PSDP ” Peace Security Design Process” we train youths within these hostile communities and employ and deploy same for the purpose of intelligence gathering and desimination this whole process is synergy with our security operations.
Anti piracy , militant threats and activities are mitigated with adequate intelligence which is key to our proactive Security measures.
Our reactionary capacity allows for the safety of human lives first, as it spelt out in the SOP  rules of engagement.
With our ability to receive timely intelligence report​ we deploy strategic qualitative response to protect our clients assets offshore or in-transit operations.

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