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Security Consultancy / Active Support

We Advise, Design and Implement Integrated Physical Security Systems, through the synergy of Deterrence, Detection, Delay and  Response. This is a compact security integrated sequential use of  people, technology and procedure.We make Risk,Threat,Vulnerability,Criticality and Impact Assessment, proffering Solutions for our clients. We consult on man guarding services choice solutions, conduct Investigations, security training for our clients on demand and a General Security Management and Control Services.

PPSD – Physical Protection System Design:

For cooperate organization, facilities and homes. We do not provide security solutions in isolated pattern like others but in system, namely:


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

We design and install Sensors, video subsystem and alarms.


Fortis System Security Solutions design and implement Access control (Entry Control) access cards, gate passes etc.

access control


Barriers are obstacles in success part of an adversary to cause delay.

fence-with anti scaling device


Police / private security guard.

Drone overt surveillance

As key support to our deterrence and detections capacity we also implement and deploy the use of drone technology for surveillance for our client in their facilities and on demand based on our advice where necessary.

When managing various types of situations where crowds can pose a risk to public safety, Drones provide a definitive advantage to our command-and-control teams. Having a low-noise and highly mobile aerial observation platform. It enables and increases situational awareness from aerial view thus reduces risks and improves the effectiveness of physical security personnel.

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